Summit Spotlights GlobeMed's Reach Across the World: Northwestern student-led organization has grown to help tens of thousands in developing world

May 21, 2015. A group of Northwestern University undergraduates arrived in a West African village almost 10 years ago expecting to find a thriving health clinic -- but instead the facility built earlier as a student project was shuttered.

Unbeknownst to the students when they undertook the project, the villagers already had access to a existing health clinic.

That fundamental mistake in planning spurred the creation of GlobeMed, at the time a small Northwestern-born organization that has mushroomed over the last decade to comprise more than 50 chapters on campuses across the country.

Created in 2006, GlobeMed was founded on the premise that local people need to lead the way in order for aid projects to succeed. Nine years later, over a weekend in late March, the 2015 GlobeMed Summit brought together more than 250 students and alumni delegates from 45 universities and 23 speakers.

The evolution of GlobeMed, conceived soon after what would become the organization’s first annual summit in Evanston, is striking. Read more