ESW summit highlights public health, environment

March 31, 2012. Over the weekend, Northwestern’s Engineers for a Sustainable World hosted the eighth annual Northwestern University Summit on Sustainability, which aims to increase social action on campus, bringing together experts from various disciplines to discuss this year’s topic, Public Health and the Environment.

The two-day summit kicked off Friday with a keynote address by Ellen Gustafson, the founder and executive director of the 30 Project and co-founder of FEED Projects, LLC, two charities looking to solve the global food crisis. Gustafson emphasized that the idea of a global food shortage is a misconception.

“We actually can feed the world today,” she said. “The question is, ‘Can we feed the world sustainably?’”

About 50 students attended Friday’s keynote. Gustafson shared anecdotes about her life and travels and offered advice to the students in attendance.

“I don’t have a degree in nutrition, I don’t have a degree in entrepreneurship, I don’t have a degree in public health,” she said. “No matter what your job is, sometimes what you’re really truly good at and passionate about is what you spend the most time on.” Read on...

Source: The Daily Northwestern