Dr. Robert Murphy, Director of NU's Center for Global Health discusses promising treatments for HIV/AIDS in The Economist

No hiding place - The long-sought goal of a cure for AIDS is inching closer

July 21, 2011. AIDS researchers, many of whom have been meeting this week in Rome under the auspices of the International AIDS Society, are rightly pleased with the progress they have made. In particular, the use of antiretroviral drugs has not only revolutionised treatment of HIV infection, but also offers the prospect of stopping the spread of the virus. In a matter of weeks, these drugs reduce the number of viruses per millilitre of infected blood from millions to less than 50. That deals with both symptoms and infectivity. Unless a patient stops taking the drugs, or goes on to develop resistance to them, he can expect to live almost as long as an uninfected individual. Read on...

Source: The Economist