Haiti On Screen - Film Series (Jacques Roumain: Passion for a Country)

Saturday, April 24, 2010 - 2:00pm

First Film, April 24th: Jacques Roumain: Passion for a Country  (Arnold Antonin, 2008, Haiti, color, DVD, 111 minutes)

In the weeks since the apocalyptic disaster that claimed thousands of lives and left countless wounded and homeless, Haiti has been made visible to Western eyes primarily as a victim, once again, of chance, poverty, and underdevelopment. In response to the tragedy and the general vacuum of knowledge about Haiti that it has exposed, this film series will present provocative and enlightening works produced by, for, or about Haitians prior to the earthquake.

This program seeks to raise awareness of the country’s history, cultural traditions, contemporary geopolitical predicament, and struggle for democracy, and to open up a dialogue about the future of cultural expression in Haiti. Films include the Chicago premiere of Moloch Tropical, the latest film by acclaimed Haitian director, Raoul Peck, and several award-winning documentaries on Haitian visual arts, literature, religion, politics and society.

Films will be screened in French, Creole and English, with English subtitles.

Organized by Doris Garraway and Christiane Rey, Department of French and Italian, with Dominique Licops (French and Italian) and Mimi Brody (The Block Museum)